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Adding a workflow to Reminders using Siri

One handy way to do more with your workflows is by adding them to reminders using Siri, which lets you set up workflows to be shown at a particular time or location. For example, you can be prompted to run the Log Weight workflow every morning, or Home ETA when you leave the office.

In Workflow and other supported apps, you can invoke Siri and say “Remind me about this” to create a reminder of the item with special deep link back to the original app. You can take advantage of this by opening an individual workflow, holding down the home button, and saying “Remind me about this”. (On newer devices, you can invoke this by just saying “Hey Siri”.)

Pro Tip

You can also use alternate Siri commands, like “Add this to my ‘Work’ list” or “Remind me about this Saturday at 2pm / every Sunday / at home”.

Siri will understand that you’re looking at a workflow and create a reminder linking back to it in your default list. The workflow’s name will be the title of the reminder and the number of actions will be filled out in the Notes field along with the Workflow app icon on the right.

Once you’ve created a workflow reminder, you can them tweak the settings to be reminded at a location or date/time like any other reminder.

To run the workflow, simply tap on the Workflow icon in the reminder.

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