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Running workflows from Spotlight

One of the quickest ways to find and launch a workflow is using iOS Spotlight search, which allows you to find a workflow without opening the app first. Your workflows are available in Spotlight without any extra configuration.

Activate Spotlight by swiping down on the Home Screen. The keyboard will appear so you can type in a query right away.

Alternatively, you can activate Spotlight by swiping to the left of the Home Screen or Lock Screen and tapping the search bar. If you’re inside an app, access Spotlight by swiping down from the top of the screen to bring down Notification Center and tapping the search bar there.

Pro Tip

If you have an external keyboard connected, you can also use the handy shortcut ⌘ space to open Spotlight from wherever you are in iOS.

Start typing the name of a workflow and you’ll see a list of results. Spotlight results are sorted in alphabetical order, so you may need to scroll past other apps’ results to find your workflows. Each workflow result shows the name, icon, and number of actions included.

Tap one of the workflows and the app will open, immediately running the workflow. Once the workflow is complete, if you’d like to make changes to it, you’ll have to hit “Edit” on the upper left to reveal the actions pane again.

Next, let’s go over Adding a workflow to the Home Screen.