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Using Choose from Menu

Sometimes when building workflows, you’ll want to decide what a workflow should do at the time of running it. For this, we suggest using the Choose from Menu action, which lets you pick from a predefined list of options where each choice results in a different series of actions being run. This allows workflows to maintain their rigid structure, but be flexible depending on the realtime context.

Much like a fork in the road of your workflow, Choose from Menu sends the workflow in a different direction depending on the chosen option, with a unique behavior for each.

For each menu option, the Choose From Menu action provides markers that represent the different pathways the workflow could take at that point. Underneath each marker, place all the actions you want the workflow to run through when the corresponding option is chosen.

When the workflow runs, you’ll be prompted to choose an option from the menu. The workflow will jump to that marker and run the corresponding the actions. The first action under the marker will receive the input that was passed into Choose from Menu (not the name of the option). The output of the last action under that marker will become the output of the Choose from Menu action as a whole.


While you may notice a line down the middle connecting together all the actions in Choose from Menu, the workflow actually skips actions for the options you didn’t select. Choose from Menu only lets you pick one option, and that selection determines which actions are used.

Pro Tip

You can also use variables in the names of each menu option to make them dynamic. However, the resulting sequence of actions must still be predefined when building the workflow.

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