Your guide to everything Workflow.

Discovering useful workflows

If you’re looking to find new workflows to add to your collection, check out the Gallery. The Gallery features creative and useful workflows curated by the Workflow team.

You can access the Gallery by tapping the Gallery button, found right next door to My Workflows. There, you’ll find collections of workflows for a wide variety of use cases.

Tap on the title of a collection to see a detailed view displaying all the included workflows on one page, or tap on one of the banners to see the collections specific for that topic.

Once you’ve found an interesting workflow, tap on it to open up a preview of its contents. The detail view in the Gallery will show a longer description and the actions that make up the workflow, letting you see how it works before adding it to your library.

Pro Tip

When you’re looking at the detail view of a workflow, you can swipe to the left and right to view the other workflows included in the collection.

Detail View

Downloading workflows from the Gallery is simple. When you want a workflow, tap the Get Workflow button and it’ll be added to your library in the My Workflows tab.

Beyond the featured collections in the Gallery, more workflows are available via search.

In the top right corner of the main Gallery page, tap the magnifying glass button to reveal a search field. Enter your query and workflows that match your request will be returned.

Read on to the next section, Identifying opportunities for automation, to get started coming up with ideas for workflows of your own. Or, jump right into Creating a new workflow.