Your guide to everything Workflow.

How to run workflows

Running a workflow

To run a workflow, simply open it from My Workflows, and tap the “Run” button at the top. (The Run button looks like a Play button and sits just below the workflow’s name.)

Workflow will perform each action in order from top to bottom until the last action is reached, at which point it completes and the workflow is done running. If the last action had a result, it will appear in a small preview window underneath the workflow.

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While a workflow is running, the “Run” button switches to a “Stop” button that stops the workflow immediately.

Pro Tip

You can run a workflow quickly by double-tapping it on the My Workflows screen. When a workflow is run via double-tap, it’s locked from being edited. Tap the “Edit” button after the workflow finishes running to make changes.

That’s it! Your workflow is complete and you can continue on with whatever you were doing.

Running outside the app

There are many ways to run workflows without opening the Workflow app.

For example, you could run a workflow from the Today Widget inside Notification Center or 3D Touch, from another app using the Action Extension, or from your wrist on Apple Watch.

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In addition, you can launch workflows from outside the app using one of these methods:

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