Your guide to everything Workflow.

Introduction to workflows and actions

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a series of actions that accomplish a particular task. Workflows can simplify everyday tasks by combining a bunch of steps, even across apps, into a single tap.

Workflows can automate a wide variety of things: anything from getting directions to the next event on your calendar, to moving text from one app to another, or even generating expense reports.

What is an action?

Actions are the building blocks of workflows. Each workflow is made up of a series of actions, and each action is a single step that performs a particular function. Examples of actions include Get Latest Photos, which gets the latest photos you took on your device, Make GIF, which makes an animated GIF out of a series of photos, and Post on Facebook which posts to Facebook.

Actions represent the best features of the apps on your device, broken out into smaller parts. With over 300 actions, there are a variety of individual steps you can chain together to build out your workflows. Here are some example chains of actions you might include in a workflow:

  • Get Latest Photos › Edit Image › Send Message
  • Search Local Businesses › Show in Maps

When you run a workflow, each action is run in sequence from the first action in the workflow to the last. By arranging actions that perform individual tasks together in specific ways, you can define how a workflow will act as it progresses through each step. Actions are the core building blocks of workflows, so the actions you choose and their order are key to making workflows suited to your needs.

Where are workflows stored?

Workflows you’ve created or downloaded are located in the My Workflows section of the app. These workflows are available on your device, ready to run at a moment’s notice.

Each workflow is represented by a rounded rectangle that has a title, an icon, and a color. Tap on a workflow once to open it and see the actions contained inside.

Read on to the next section to learn How to run workflows.