Using Slack with Workflow

Workflow integrates with Slack, a team messaging tool.

Workflow allows you to connect different apps and services together and save time by combining a series of actions into a single tap. Read on to learn how to use Slack in your workflows.

Step 1

To connect Slack with the Workflow app, begin by tapping + on the upper right corner to create a new workflow. Workflows consist of a series of actions. A brand new workflow won't have any actions yet.

Step 2

Next, slide to the right to view the available actions. Search for "Slack" and you'll find an action named "Post to Slack". Drag and drop that action into the empty workflow on the right.

Step 3

Next, you'll need to grant Workflow access to your Slack account, so tap "Grant Access" to do so. Simply sign in to your team by typing in your domain, username, password, and two-factor key (if applicable). Finally, tap "Authorize".

Step 4

Now, it's time to get creative and build a workflow with all of the actions necessary to automate your Slack posts.

For example, we made a workflow with the "Select Photos", "Make GIF", and “Post to Slack” actions. Tapping play will make a GIF of screenshots from the Photos app and post the GIF to Slack. To see it all together, we made a GIF of the setup process for this workflow. You can try the workflow for yourself here.